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Rembrandt Pastel Tutorial

Jack Grayson is not only a master of Copic Markers –he’s got a knack for using Rembrandt Pastels too! We asked him to walk through the process he takes when approaching a piece using Rembrandt pastels. For this piece his client had commissioned a portrait of her dog. 

Orange peonies and cherry blossom
Loosely painted flowers
Drawing a Japanese beetle
Acrylic pouring with Amsterdam Acrylic Paint

Create a beautiful piece of art with Amsterdam Acrylic paint and pouring medium.

How to paint a cloudy sky

In this step-by-step plan, we show you an easy way to recreate a fluffy, cloudy sky using Rembrandt soft pastels and Cobra oil paint.

Cobra – Glazing techniques

Glazing techniques using Cobra Water Soluble Oils.

Cobra Water Soluble Oils - Wet on Wet Technique

‘Alla prima’ is also known as ‘wet-on-wet’ painting.

Create your own desk organiser

Get organised for back to school with this super trendy desk organiser! Using X-Press It Sticky Barc.

Mixed Media Card

Easy and Fun, mixed media card using X-Press It Blending Card and Gel Press mono printing plates!