Introducing Gel Press

We are really excited to announce the addition of Gel Press to our range of products. Let your imagination run free with this range of monoprinting plates. Explore the endless textures, shapes and layers that can be applied and achieve original results every time.

With Gel Press plates, you get all of the benefits of ‘gelatin’ printing - but none of the downsides! Gel Press is super durable and reusable because, unlike ‘homemade’ gel - Gel Press plates can be stored at room temperature. And it’s easy to clean - It’s printmaking without the mess! The ultra-sensitive surface requires just a small amount of paint and then ‘grabs’ the tiniest details; such as the veins of a leaf or the delicate wisps of feathers and ‘holds’ them in the gel. Press your paper on the gel plate - lift the print and Voila! Creating a masterpiece is easy.

How it works:

Step 1: Remove clear film and apply paint to the exposed gel plate.

Step 2: Roll paint on as a thin layer with brayer.

Step 3: Create designs by pressing textured objects into wet paint.

Step 4: Lay paper (not glossy) onto painted surface.

Step 5: Gently rub paper with hands to create a transfer image onto the paper.

Step 6: Pull paper from printing plate to reveal your masterpiece!

Printing Tips:

• Acrylic based paint is recommended, but you can also use oil paint or fabric paint and some water soluble inks
• Experiment using different materials to create textures -  like foam stamps, stencils, plastic or bubble wrap, leaves, twine etc.
• Soft tipped tools are the best - make sure not to use things with sharp edges or pointy tips so you don’t gauge the gel

Easy Clean Up:

• Acrylic Paint: Wash plate with mild soap and water, then pat dry with clean paper towel
• Oil Paint: Wipe surface clean with baby oil followed by mild soap and water, then pat dry with clean paper towel.
• Gel Hand Sanitizer: Can be used to remove paint residue - rub onto gel plate and wipe clean
• Baby Wipes: Are a quick efficient way to clean the gel plates - wipe surface clean with baby wipes, then pat dry with clean paper towel
• Tough Stains: If the gel does get stained, it will not affect the quality of future prints - however, to remove tough stains from the gel, follow the instructions above for cleaning Oil paint

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