Copic is reknown as the worlds leading producer to profession markers. Based in Japan, they have been producing these markers for 25 years to the same high standards.

The Copic range comprises four ranges of markers (Original, Sketch, Ciao and wide), Various ink refills, disposable multiliners and refillable multiliners. The Copic system also includes a diverse range of accessories including airbrushes, replacement nibs and DVDs.

The Copic system is unique in the industry in that it has the largest range of bright and vibrant colours as well as subtle shades (358 in Sketch). The sytem is designed to work together to allow professional results regardless of application.

Copic is used extensively in Art, Illustration, Design, Architecture, Fashion, Papercraft and Scrapbooking.

For more information visit the Copic Australia web site.

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X-Press It

The X-Press It brand has become the best loved range of Tape and Adhesives in Australia and New Zealand. The range includes a wide selection of sizes and types including regular double sided tape, high tack double sided, foam tape and high tack foam tape. The adhesive range includes PVA, EVA, Clear Gel Glue, Tripletac and the new Glue Marker.

The X-Press It range has been expanded to include a range of display and storage solutions such as display books, art folios and kraft folios.

The X-Press It range also includes a selection of high quality pads and papers to suit the art and papercraft markets such as the X-Press It Blending Card.

For further information see the X-Press It web site.

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Amsterdam All acrylics, is a modern brand for modern acrylics. Amsterdam believes in the artist; the artist who opens up his eyes and has the courage to go for it. Who transforms dreams into creations. Use an idea, a vision. Look around you. Surprise and amaze yourself. Dare to dream in color.


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Ecoline - Liquid Water Colour 

Talens Ecoline has been apart of the creative landscape since 1930.

Whether this involves artistic impressions, product design, illustrations, fashion design, calligraphy or children’s drawings, the brilliant colours of this liquid water colour paint brings every piece of art to life.

Talens Ecoline is available in 30ml bottles and handy brush pens available for immediate use. 

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MABEF a world renowned company known for its premium Italian made easels, established in 1948 MABEF has long been regarded as the market leader for easels. MABEF Is known for it’s quality and all MABEF products offer a lifetime guarantee.

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Talens Art Creation

Talens Art Creation has been developed for every artist, from armatures to professionals wanting to use the best materials for their projects. Talens Art Creation offers a complete range of artists' and hobby materials.

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Creativity and innovation Sakura makes illustrating, marking and writing possible. Realising thoughts, ideas and dreams. For illustrators, architects and artists, but also for explorers, for beginners and inventors. For everyone with a creative mind. Sakura is one of Japan’s oldest and most prestigious art and stationery supply companies. 

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Gelly Roll

Gelly Roll is a combination of the different Gelly Roll pens, including the basic White/Black, Metallic and Moonlight Gelly Roll. Ideal for creative drawing, journaling, lettering, decorating and writing. 

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Pigma Micron

Pigma Micron pens are waterproof and permanent fineliners that are loyally used by designers, scientists, archivers, manga artists, cartoonists, illustrators and hobbyists. The fine nib makes this pen ideal for creating both technical and artistic drawings. PIGMA Micron comes in 10 nib sizes and in various colours for drawing precise lines with an archival ink.

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Sumo Grip

Mechanical pencil with eraser. With the comfortable Sumo Grip you can carry on writing to your heart’s content! Sumo Grip represents a new generation of writing tools that stylishly combine comfort and strength. Thanks to the ergonomic contours of the grip, the pen is a natural fit for every unique writing style. As a result, Sumo Grip writes as lightly as a feather. It is for good reason that physical therapists recommend the Sumo Grip to patients with wrist complaints.

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Pen-Touch markers are perfect for decorating and illustrating in bold colours. Add a special touch to your projects, gifts, holiday ornaments, cards and invitations, or write a personal note or date of remembrance on a bottle of wine. Pen-Touch writes on a wide variety of surfaces including cardstock, plastic, wood, glass, porcelain, paper and metal.
The Pen-Touch markers are available in three different nib sizes and various vibrant colours, including metallic, UV and fluorescent colours to add special effects to your work. Leave an impact with Pen-Touch!

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In 1921, Sakura Color Products of Osaka, Japan, formulated Cray-Pas® oil pastels with premium quality pigments, wax, and oil. Today, the finest elements continue to make up the Cray-Pas family of oil pastels. The Cray-Pas range allows students, hobbyists & professional artists to achieve a range of painterly effects. Cray-Pas oil pastels are extremely smooth to apply, can create broad strokes, and allow the user to blend colors to build texture and depth.

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Colouring your artwork or painting on location is easy, anywhere and anytime, with the Koi® Colouring Brush pens and the handy Koi® Watercolour Sketch Boxes and water brushes. Koi is ideal for producing colourful illustrations, hand-lettering and watercolours. The Koi Colouring Brush Pens with a flexible brush tip are perfect for easy colouring and writing in a variety of vibrant colours. A diverse range of Koi Watercolour Sketch Boxes offer handy watercolour sets for painting in a studio or on the go. With the refillable water brushes, the most beautiful colour transitions can be created and will give your artwork an artistic watercolour effect.

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Slice offers a unique range of designer cutting tools which are stylish, ergonomic and durable. The Zirconium Oxide Ceramic Blades provide high performance results, lasting approximately 10x longer than traditional metal blades. Slice also offers     additional safely features, including a finger friendly design.


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Bruynzeel has been recognised world wide as a manufacturer of premium artist quality pencils for over 65 years. The Bruynzeel range has expanded to include exciting new products, offering infinite possibilities for kids, student & professionals.

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The ultimate and exclusive choice for professional artists. A legendary name for a range that is known for its superior and unparalleled quality. It has been developed through pure skill and artistic insight, and is based on the best raw materials. Rembrandt products can boast unique characteristics such as maximum fineness, lightfastness and durability.

The Rembrandt range includes Soft Pastels, Oil Colours and  Watercolours.

For more information visit the Rembrandt web site.

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Royal Talens has been producing art materials for over 100 years. With premium brands such as Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Cobra, Ecoline and Decofin, there are products to suit a wide range of applications and skill levels.

The Rembrandt range of products are of the highest quality designed to meet the demands of the most discerning artist. The range include Soft Pastels, Oils and Watercolours.

Van Gough is desing for the up and coming artist. These products offer a high level of quality but remains affordable. This balance makes it the ideal range to get you started. The Van Gogh range includes Oil Pastels, Oils and Watercolours.

Cobra is the new range of Water Soluble Oils. The Cobra range was developed to become the furst truely Artist Quality Water Soluble Oil available. This range offers a unique balance between the tradition of oil painting but with the conveience of water solubility making cleanup easy and avoids the need to use harsh solvents.

To tie all these ranges together, Royal Talens offers an extensive range of mediums to covers all applications and uses.

For more information see the Royal Talens Website.

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Van Gogh

Van Gogh is well regarded as the ideal product range for both amature artists and students. This range offers the perfect balance of quality, performance and price making it the ideal entry level product.

Quality, that’s what you choose. That is why you use Van Gogh paint, so you can focus completely on your creativity and the painting process. Thanks to the lively and intense colours you can do anything in your paintings. Your inspiration determines the direction and the paint is your instrument. Van Gogh is therefore the ideal brand for the serious artist for whom quality is important.

The Van Gogh range includes Oil Colours, Watercolours and Oil Pastels.

For more information visit the Van Gogh web site.

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The Pepin Press offers a premium range of artist quality colouring books & postcards. The designs are lightly printed on superior    acid-free, archival paper, suitable for most colouring techniques, including pencil, crayon, marker, ink, water colour & more.

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Gel Press

Gel Press is a manufacturer of Gel based mono printing plates which are fun and easy to use.

Gel Press plates are not “gelatin”- they're way better!

You have all the benefits of ‘gelatin’ printing - with no downsides! Gel Press is super durable and reusable because, unlike ‘homemade’ gel- you can store your Gel Press plate at room temperature. It’s so easy to clean – it’s printmaking without the mess!

Press your paper on the gel plate- lift the print and Voila! Creating a masterpiece is easy. 

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Cobra is a Water Mixable Oil Colour and is the latest addition to the Royal Talens range of fine art products.

Cobra is a genuine oil paint of artists' quality made by Royal Talens. After drying the paint looks the same as traditional paints. A key feature of Cobra oil colours is that it is water mixable. White spirit is no longer required to be able to work with oil colours.

The range consists of 70 transparent, semi-transparent, semi-opaque and opaque colours. They all have the highest degree of lightfastness (+++) and under museum conditions remain unchanged for at least 100 years.

The range includes 32 mono-pigmented colours (colours in which only one pigment is used, so that when mixing attractive pure colours are created). There are also ten colours based on highly exclusive pigments – such as the cadmiums, cobalts and chromium oxides – and an exceptionally transparent oxide red or yellow.

For more information visit the Cobra web site.

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Chroma is dedicated to providing high quality Australian made paint for artists, teachers and students. Founded in 1965 by artist and educator, Jim Cobb, Chroma’s focus is, and has always been, on the development of innovative new products.

Their extensive range of products includes oil paints and mediums, artists’ acrylics and mediums, and paints for educational use, as well as paints and mediums for decorative art.

Well known brands include the iconic Chromacryl Student Acrylic, A2 Art Student Acrylic, Atelier Interactive, Archival Oils and Jo Sonjias Gouache.

For more information visit the Chroma Online web site.

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All the qualities that Chromacryl is renowned for, like superb paint coverage, high percentage of pigment, good water solubility and great versatility are further enhanced by a new thicker paint consistency.

Since 1964 Chromacryl students' acrylic set the standard for high quality school paint. That standard has now been raised even further with the introduction of an even thicker paint formula and redesigned packaging.

Chromacryl's range of 30 vibrant colours, combined with the Chroma Commonsense Colour System based on warm and cool primary colours, allows your students to mix virtually any colour.

For more information visit the Chromacryl web site.

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A2 Art Student Acrylic

A2® Art Students' Acrylics are specially designed for the needs of students, beginners or hobby painters who wish to avoid the expense of buying artists colours, especially during the earlier stages when they are learning how to handle paint.
A good student's paint needs to be:

  1. As strongly pigmented as an artist's quality paint.
  2. The same in its consistency and handling as an artist's quality paint.

A2 acrylics meet this definition very effectively and are competitively priced because we have used student quality pigments.
Chroma's A2 Art Students' Acrylics are perfectly suited to be used with the Atelier® Range of Painting Mediums & Varnishes.
The choice of colours in a range like this is important. The 20 colours in the A2 range are what we believe to be the "basics" which need to be used and understood before exploring more specialised and extended artists ranges such as Atelier

The 20 colours in the A2 range have been carefully matched to colours in the Atelier Professional Artists' Quality range, so that experience in colour mixing gained by learning with A2 is not lost.

For more information visit the A>2 web site.

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Archival Oils

The benefits of Archival are so unique that its formulation is patented. It is the only flexible oil paint in the world and offers unsurpassed freedom of technique, fast drying time, paintings that will not crack with age and a safe working environment.

Archival Oils are produced from the finest colour pigments, chosen for their purity, brilliance and performance. 75 colours are available in 40ml tubes, 120ml tubes (Series 1 only) and selected colours in 300ml cartridges.

The range also includes a comprehensive selection of odourless mediums.

For more information visit the Archival Oils web site.

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Jo Sonja's

Jo Sonja’s Decorative Painting System developed as a result of collaboration between innovative paint company, Chroma, and renowned American Folk Artist, Jo Sonja Jansen. The commitment of both, was the development of a brand that used today’s exciting technologies to harness the techniques of the past so that a lasting heritage would be produced for the future.

As one of the first to bring Decorative Art to Australia through her travel teaching, Jo Sonja Jansen was able to ensure that the colours and mediums in the range met the exacting standards of serious Decorative Painters. The brand was first introduced to the market in 1985 and quickly become synonymous with fine quality and versatility, a position it maintains today.

Jo Sonja's Artists' Colours are flow formula acrylics offering the look and feel of traditional gouache. They offer superb handling and brushing characteristics together with purity and strength of colour. Acrylic gouache is a popular medium for design works on paper and decorative art, providing opacity of colour and a beautiful, matte velvet finish. Unlike traditional gouache, colour layering can be achieved easily throughout a painting, as the paints will dry within minutes.

Jo Sonja's Artists Colours are made from only the finest quality pure pigments. All colours in the range are lightfast and carry ASTM ratings as your guarantee against colour fade. Feel confident that the colours in your designs will remain true for generations, just as vibrant as the day they were painted.

The range of Jo Sonja's Mediums allow almost limitless technique applications with the one set of artists' quality paint colours. Forget the need to purchase endless quantities of paint for different uses - the compact range of Jo Sonja's Colours is all you ever need.

For more information visit the Jo Sonja's web site.

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For over 50 years Colormaker Industries has been producing quality coating products in Australia. Today their PERMASET® range of    Screen Printing Inks are Australia's number one brand of premium quality screen and fabric printing inks designed for both    professional printers and leisure artists.

PERMASET AQUA® Fabric Printing Ink is the perfect solution to create your textile artwork. A complete range of water-based inks        including metallics, fluorescent colours plus some specialty products like PERMASET Puff Paste ensures your creativity is unlimited.

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Molotow Paints

The Molotow story began in 1996 when the Molotow Premium range of spray paint was developed. Due to its revolutionary new technology, Premium set the new benchmark for spray cans across the world. In 2008 the company launched the grondbreaking ONE4ALL range of waterbased, high opacity paint marker system. These markers can work on a wide range of surface and across a wide temperature range and paint can even be used for traditional air brushing.

Due to the extensive delelopment and advancement in technology, Molotow now owns 18 product patents across their range of products. All Molotow products are manufactured to the highest standards in Germany.

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Sculpture Block

Sculpture Block have developed a safe and easy to shape, user-friendly material for artists, designers and hobbyiest market. This new and extremely strong product is produced in two formats Sculpture Block and Sculpture Canvas.

Sculpture Block is used for sculpting and carving whilst Sculpture Canvas is used for Relief painting. Now anyone can make beautiful forms and creative sculptures with ease in a fraction of the time.

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Moki International has been supplying the music and video industry for over 20 years. In 2006 through its love of music, gadgets and all things audio Moki launched on its ambitious journey into the world of consumer electronics. With much perseverance (and a couple of name changes) Moki has firmly established itself in the audio and music retail market. From the world first Volume Limited Kids Headphones to the original and best-selling pocket speaker you know as the BassBurger, Moki not only fills niches in the ever expanding consumer electronics market, we create new classes within it. Earphones, headphones, speakers, cables, chargers and audio visual cleaning…

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