Sculpture Block

Sculpture Block have developed a safe and easy to shape, user-friendly material for artists, designers and hobbyiest market. This new and extremely strong product is produced in two formats Sculpture Block and Sculpture Canvas.

Sculpture Block is used for sculpting and carving whilst Sculpture Canvas is used for Relief painting. Now anyone can make beautiful forms and creative sculptures with ease in a fraction of the time.

  Name Price (exc. GST) Quantity  
Picture of Sculpture Block 15x15x2.5cm 2pk Sculpture Block 15x15x2.5cm 2pk
Picture of Sculpture Canvas 18x24x3cm Sculpture Canvas 18x24x3cm
Picture of Sculpture Canvas 24x30x3cm Sculpture Canvas 24x30x3cm
Picture of Sculpture Canvas 30x30x3cm Sculpture Canvas 30x30x3cm
Picture of Sculpture Canvas 30x60x3cm Sculpture Canvas 30x60x3cm