Sculpture Canvas

Create without effort a highly refined and detailed 3D Painting. Extremely strong material for long lasting results. Is user-friendly and can be used for any composition or design.

Guidelines for creating a 3D painting

Step 1: Make a drawing with a pencil on your canvas as a guide. Shade the areas that you wish to remove. Use rounded chisels to shape your Sculpture Canvas®.
Step 2: Use rifflers and rasps for refining details or use a 80 grit sandpaper. Use 120 grit sandpaper for a smooth finish. Use a soft brush in between to remove dust and particles.
Step 3: Coat the surface with an acrylic binder or a quality gesso. Coat up to 2 times.
Step 4: Paint with any acrylic or oil paint brand.
Tips: You can repeat any step at any moment to improve your painting. Use your tools also to make textures and special structures in your
Sculpture Canvas®.

  Name Price (exc. GST) Quantity  
Picture of Sculpture Canvas 18x24x3cm Sculpture Canvas 18x24x3cm
Picture of Sculpture Canvas 24x30x3cm Sculpture Canvas 24x30x3cm
Picture of Sculpture Canvas 30x30x3cm Sculpture Canvas 30x30x3cm
Picture of Sculpture Canvas 30x60x3cm Sculpture Canvas 30x60x3cm