Sticky Barc Treasure Chest

What you will need:

  • X-Press It Sticky Barc A3
  • X-Press It Adhesive Sheet
  • X-press It Gold Size & Gold Metal Leaf
  • A box to up-cycle
  • Scrap Cardboard & 1 piece of bendable card
  • Pencil & Scissors

*To attach the X-Press It Sticky Barc without bubbles or wrinkles, pull back the start of the backing sheet and line up the edges. Now you can slowly pull back the adhesive backing sheet as you slide something across the front of the Barc

Step 1: Choose your box that you would like to up-cycle! 

Step 2:  Measure and cut out two semi circles of cardboard. Trace the shape onto the X-Press It Sticky Barc & cut out. Cover the semi circles with Sticky Barc* & attach the semi circles to the sides of your box lid.

Step 3: Next step is to cover the sides of your box with the Sticky Barc.*
We added a little cardboard brace across the top of the semicircles by folding a slice of cardboard & attaching it to the back of the semi circles.

Step 4: Cut your bendable card to size according to the size of your box and your semi circles.
Next step is to cover this piece of card with the Sticky Barc*. Next, it is time to attach your bendable card to the lid of your box.

Step 5: Next up, gold details. Draw your desired lock and edges shape out on cardboard. Cut out. Follow instructions on X-Press It Gold Size & attach X-Press It Gold Metal Leaf. 

Step 6: The last step is to attach your gold details, with a piece of adhesive sheet cut to size.
All that’s left is to fill your treasure chest with treasure!



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