Talens Indian Ink

Talens Indian Ink

  • Trusted Ink for drawing, calligraphy & airbrush work
  • Not for tattoo
  • Based on a highly light fast pigment and shellac
  • Can be thinned with water: waterproof once dry
  • Gives deep black result through maximum pigment concentration
  • Suitable for many types of grounds such as (technical) drawing paper, 
    board, polyester film and tracing paper
  • Applied using, a drawing pen and watercolour brush
  • Avalaible in 30ml jar, 490ml and 990ml bottle
  Name Price (exc. GST) Quantity  
Picture of Indian Ink 30ml Indian Ink 30ml
Picture of Indian Ink 490ml Indian Ink 490ml
Picture of Indian Ink 990ml Indian Ink 990ml