Tips & Techniques: Lightfastness

Lightfastness – Will you artwork stand the test of time? All Talens products contain a professional light fast rating which indicates how quickly the colours may fade over time. The majority of the Talens range has the highest light fast rating of over 100 years.

The degree of lightfastness of a colour indicates the extent to which a colour-giving substance is damaged by ultraviolet light.

Ultraviolet light is a component of both daylight and artificial light. It has the ability to breakdown colouring substances; the colour 'fades'. How quickly this happens depends on the lightfastness of a colouring substance in combination with the amount of ultraviolet light. Some colours begin to fade after only a few days, others after many years or even never.

The symbols of Royal Talens should be read as follows:
º       = 0 - 10 years lightfast under museum conditions
+      = 10 - 25 years lightfast under museum conditions
++    = 25 - 100 years lightfast under museum conditions
+++  = at least 100 years lightfast under museum conditions

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