X-Press It Mixed Media Squares


Mixed media is an ever growing trend, there is no right or wrong & it's all about experimenting with different products & medium. In this project we have created a mixed media tile using some of our favorite Copic & X-Press It products in ways you wouldn't normally expect. 



X-Press It Mixed Media Squares (White)

Copic Various Ink

X-Press It adhesive Sheet

Memento Ink Pad

Copic Multiliner

Kirarina Pen

Tissue paper


X-Press It blending card  

 Step 1:
 Mix Copic Colourless Blender with Copic various Ink ( 1 part Ink to 7 parts Colourless Blender)
 in fine mist spray bottle & spray layers of ink onto your X-Press It Mixed Media Square. 
 Step 2:
Add a piece of X-Press It Adhesive Sheet (this is a good chance to use your off-cuts.) Peel off one side of the liner and position on your square. Trim to the size of your card, then peel the second liner off. 
 Step 3:

Crumple up pieces of the tissue paper (another chance to use your scraps & off-cuts) & place on adhesive sheet leaving a few a few gaps of adhesive without paper; fill in these gaps with a small amount of glitter.

 Step 4:
Using a lid (or any round object) & Memento Ink Pad, stamp circles over selected area. Next -using your Copic Multiliner fill in the circles with simple patterns. For a pop of contrast use your favorite Kirarina pens to add some more patterns. 
Step 5:
Finish your project off with a hand-made sentiment. To make this, simply print your favorite quote onto X-Press It Blending Card. Add an adhesive sheet to the back and cut into strips. This is an easy way to make your own stickers and sentiments. 
You could also finish your project off with a coat of X-Press It Clear Gel Glue or X-Press It Triple Tac, like we have in the photo at the begining of this post. This gives a nice finish and brings everything to life.




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