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Copic-ing your embellishments!

Did you know you can Copic your embellishments?
This is a nifty little hack that helps you match coloured embellishments to all your project needs.

Always test a small area first. Make sure you have a scrap piece of board underneath the embellishment you are colouring with your Copic markers.

Can you use Copic marker on fabrics?
A lot of quilters have had good results using the markers on wallhangings. We do not recommend wearables, given that the markers are an alcohol-based dye. A drink spilled on the ink might interact with your pattern, and some dark colors may bleed when washed. Experiment with Copic markers on fabric on your own to see what works for you. The dye will fade at about the same rate as other fabrics, so treat it with the same care you would with other fiber arts- keep out of harsh lights, etc. Otherwise, test each fabric. Copic markers are permanent and have been used on leather and cotton with good success, just be careful.