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 Solar Panels

We are committed to environmental statainability in all areas of the business. The company strives to continually improve proceedures and processes across the business.


Since 2016 we have been operating using a large proportion of Solar Power sourced from the 77 roof mounted solar panels on the warehouse in Cheltenham, Victoria. During the summer months this provides more than the required energy to offset the energy usage in the winter months.


In an effort to reduce overall power consumption, all office and warehouse lighting have been replaced with LED fittings. This has had a significant reduction in power usage.


We recycle as much unused or waste material as possible. In the paper and pad conversion and manufacturing facility, all waste paper and board is recycled by comercial recyclers. All packaging materials are reused or recycled to minimise waste going to land fill.


We constantly review products to improve their impact on the enviorment. This includes the following initiatives.

  • Use of FSC certified paper, board or wood where possible.
  • Include recycled materials in products when available.
  • Use of recyclable materials for products where possible.


Packaging is carefully selected to reduce the impact on the environment. The following initiatives are used.

  • Use of recycled materials for packaging where possible. 
  • Use of recyclable materials in product packaging where possible.
  • Reduce the amount of packaging used
  • Reuse packaging from incoming goods to reduce waste

This is regularly reviewed and updated as we continually strive for improvement.


We encourages the use of electric and hybrid vehicles. The company has begun changing vehicles to sustainable alternatives, in an effort to reduce the use of fossil fuels.